my love for andrew garfield and doctor who had produced five very different stories revolving around andrew’s character, frank, from daleks in mahattan/evolution of the daleks…

talk about having no life… ;]

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind

the other day my mom was talking with her friends and I was just behind them reading, minding my own business, then one of the mentioned something about a certain cucumber patch and I was all,


I couldn’t see them because my eyes were totes locked in my book but I felt their eyes on me. weirdos.

I was watching reruns of this on the Australia Network while on the laptop, so I wasn’t really looking at the TV, I was just listening to it and then my sister walked in. She was about to switch the channel when I shouted,


"Or else what?" asked my sister.

"MAMAAAAAAA!" I yelled.

"What?!" my mom shouted back from the living room.

"Alright, fine, fuck you then." My sister replied and used her laptop instead.

Oh, my sister’s younger than me by the way, I’m seventeen she’s fourteen, and she’s also the mature one.


4 favorite photos of the careers requested by Anonymous.


This moment.. makes me cry every time… i love what the doctor did for van gogh

Same here, this was one of the Doctor Who episodes that made me cry a whole lotta creys! Most likely because Vincent Van Gogh’s my ultimate favourite artist, and seeing this episode was just too much for me to hadnle. ;-;